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Quotes Page 10

  • She teaches the girls,
    And she warns the boys...
    And increases their gain
    By her orderly reign.
    - Friedrich Von Schiller

  • If you have knowledge,
    Let others light
    Their candles in it.
    - Margaret Fuller

  • Children require guidance and sympathy far more than instruction.
    - Anne Sullivan

  • Storytelling...the oldest form of education.
    - Terry Tempest Williams

  • Grandma told me all about it,
    Told me so I couldn't doubt it,
    How she danced, my grandma danced; long ago...
    - Mary Mapes Dodge

  • New shoots, every year; on old growths appear...
    - Lucy Larcom

  • It's not for this I color my hair black - to look younger and learn more wildness...
    - Rudagi

  • The jelly - the jam and the marmalade, And the cherry and quince "preserves" she made!
    - James Whitcomb Riley

  • ...With affections warm, intense, refined, she mixed such calm and holy strength of mind...
    - Thomas Campbell

  • Anxiously fend,
    though oft her spectacles
    With elfin cunning bid,
    and oft the pins
    Drawn from her ravelled stocking,
    might have soured
    One less indulgent.
    - Anna Laetitia Barbauld

  • They pampered me, especially my grandmother.... I loved her with all my heart.
    - Camara Laye

  • All the may back to my youth my heart travels...
    - Abu Nasr of Gilan

  • A shadow in the parching sun, and a shelter in a blustering storme.
    - Anne Bradstreet

  • ...One never's mistakes.
    - Oscar Wilde

  • When the voices of children
    are heard on the green
    And whisp'rings are in the dale;
    The days of my youth rise fresh in my mind...
    - William Blake

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