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Quotes Page 13

  • Now that I've reached the age where I need my children more than they need me, I really understand how grand it is to be a grandmother.
    - Mrs. Margaret Whitlam

  • I shall feel no regret for roses which have faded with the passing of fleeting spring; I also love the grapes on the vine, which have ripened in bunches beneath the bill.
    - Aleksandr Pushkin

  • So many things we love are you!
    - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

  • I drink in long draughts the wine of memory.
    - Charles Baudelaire

  • I console old people when they grieve; Loving fun, to the young I am a friend.
    - Songs of Milarepa

  • Rappelle-Toi...
    - Alfred de Musset

  • No moon, it is not spring, and only I am the same.
    - Ariwara No Narihira

  • Though I look old, yet I am Strong and Lusty.
    - William Shakespeare

  • ...teach me your gift of good life; if your advice is sound, I'll praise you forever...
    - Huw Llwyd

  • There are gray hairs in my head; There is frost on the meadows. But I go on dreaming . . . of life's endless spring . . .
    - Rosalia de Castro

  • Flow, flow, flow, the current of life is ever onward.
    - Kobor Daishi

  • One of her earliest memories was of her grandfather coming through the gate and up the end house garden in his old-fashioned close-fitting black overcoat and bowler hat, his beard nicely trimmed and shining, with a huge vegetable marrow under his arm.
    - Flora Thompson, Lark Rise to Candleford

  • To know how to grow old is the masterwork of wisdom, and one of the most diificult chapters in the great art of living.
    - Henri Frederic Amiel

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